Pink Fire Pointer Quitting. Why is it so hard?


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Quitting. Why is it so hard?


       Hello fellow casino players. First of all, I want to apologise for the long absenteeism. 
     Now, about quitting. It is in human nature, and mostly in men nature to carry on, after he has begun doing something. This mainly comes from the male reproductive system. As soon as you begin fucking there is little chance that anything will interrupt you until you cum. The same is with everything you do. It is harder to begin something than it is to complete the task you have started. Some call it "inertia", but, as I said, this mainly derives from the reproductive system.

What does this have to do with casinos?

       Well it has everything to do with casinos. In fact, it has everything to do with anything you do in your life. Have you noticed that if you start cleaning your room, or your car, or whatever it is much easier to complete the task that it would have seemed before you started? It is like some kind of force drives you into completing it. It is like you feel empty and kind of bad if you stop doing what you started. And if something really important interrupts you, and you have to leave it for a while, you feel empty and incomplete until you complete the task.
      The same is with any addiction. Casino playing is an addiction, because you never really win and you never really lose. If you win a bet at roulette for example it doesn't mean you've won the game.            The nest bet starts immediately after. It never stops. But our brain sees the whole game of roulette the same way it sees a game of football. The game has a start so it must have an end. The thing is that with casinos you can spend your whole life playing and the game is still not over.You can always come up with more money if you have lost what you had. You can sell something you "don't need", you can borrow from a friend, there are several options. Your brain will find a way to try to end the game that has started, and hopefully win. And that is why it is so hard to quit.

If you want to quit you need to ask yourself: Am I winning so far?

     Most addicts will say "Yes". Some addict will say "Well even if I am not winning I think my balance is not that low, I think I have won about how much I have lost". And a very few will say "No".
For those admitting the have a negative balance overall will be the least difficult to quit.
     A few YouTube videos about casino addiction and it will all be over.
     For the other two the road is a little longer and bumpier.
     First of all you need to read my article about why do casinos thrive here.
     After you come to realise that no casino will ever LOSE TO YOU, than there is no other way than that you lose to them. So the immediate conclusion is that your overall balance is negative.
     Now is the time to make a search and find out how many people have made a good living from casinos and how many destroyed their lives, thinking they can get a better life by playing.
     Leave the reasons for why you don't quit casinos in a comment below.