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Just some R-rows

    Hello, fellow gamblers!
    I know, it has been a while since I've written, but let's not forget this summer was, and still is, HOT, so it would be a capital sin to miss out all the fun.

    After these weak apologies, let's get back to what we all want: MONEY. And by "all" I mean us, gamblers, and you people who read my blog to learn about online gambling. I sometimes look back into the past, when I was just 13-14 years old and I was collecting pre-paid public phone cards. My wildest dream back then was to have a load of them. So many that I could swim in them. I was also competing with this friend of mine who has the most phone cards. Remember: It was my biggest aspiration, and my first goal in life. 

    But time passed and my collection was getting bigger and bigger. In just a few months, I had the biggest card collection in the block. Suddenly, I didn't wanted it anymore. I still have it, and I will never give up on it ... but it was getting pretty old, pretty fast, so I've decided that I didn't want it anymore. 

    Now why did I bring up this story, which may or may not be interesting? Because since I was 16 or so, my biggest dream, my most burning desire was to have a bank account so full of money, that I could buy ANYTHING in this "toys"-filled world that I would ever desire. I wanted so badly to make money (not just some money...but all the money I ever wanted, and quickly) that I was even willing to pay people to "help" me. You probably know what happened next... I was helping them make loads of money, and me lose even the little I've had. 

    Then I've started to study. I would read anything that I lay my hands on, and has the potential to help me in my way. After a while I've made the connection. Between the race I was in when collecting phone cards, and the race I was in when "collecting" money. I've realised that it is not the money I really want. When I was little, it wasn't about the priceless phone cards... It was all about me showing my friends that I can get more than them. If you come to think of it, maybe it's the same for you two. You're not all that into the money.. It's the attention, the pleasure, the comfort that money can bring us! That is what it's all about. And it is all in our heads. You (and the people arround you, because you allowed them to) have impregnated in your brain, with golden capital letters, that if you don't have money you don't get to have the nice girl that you are attracted by, you can't have success in life and you will not live your life fully. 

    If something changed in you right now, please share with others bellow.