Pink Fire Pointer The Gamblers Routine or "How to make a job out of online gamblng"


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The Gamblers Routine or "How to make a job out of online gamblng"

    Hello everyone! 
    Today I want to talk about the routine of gambling. But it's not the routine of wasting money in online betting. No. I am talking about the routine of gambling such as going to work everyday. Before you go on with this article, you should read the "Mental programing" post. It has some basic rules that you need to know if you want to stay in the game. 

    Ok. If you want a no investment business in online casinos it will be harder, but not impossible. Google for "no deposit bonus casinos" and find online casinos that have a Playtech platform and give small sign-up bonuses. Stay away from Microgaming platform casinos because they are new and I think they all are malware. Better keep with Playtech, as there are plenty of casinos working on this platform that give sign-up bonuses of $10-20, which are good for starting.

     After you download the casino and sign-up real money account you have to talk to the casino staff and they will credit you with the no-deposit bonus. Of course there are terms that have to be met in order to withdraw that bonus, but the main idea is to start by practicing with real money from the casino (on the house) not invested by you. 

     Now that you have a point to begin and haven't spent a dollar yet, you can begin to transform your "gambling addiction" as some name it into a day-by-day job. Here are some basic ideas that once followed serve good: 
   1. Do not play too much time (you don't want to spend all day gambling you might as well get a real job if you like to spend 8 hours working). Spending too much time on any casino has never done anyone any good, so limit yourself to a maximum of 5-10 minutes every 24 hours. Winnings are easier and you can apply "The safest roulette strategy" perfectly. 
   2. Do not get greedy. I think you've heard this one a million times but here it is again. Greed is the only reason people lose money at the casinos. If you have, let's say $15, as a no-deposit bonus get to $18-19, then quit.Then wait 24 hours and play to win another $3 or $4. The safest roulette system will get you there in no time, if you select fast play from the casinos settings. Think of it this way: You've only spent 3 or 4 minutes and you've made 3 or 4 dollars. What other activity would have brought you this? After you build up a bigger balance your winnings will be bigger. You can also play on multiple casinos so your winnings will be bigger from the start.
   3. Be patient. If you want to win millions, for example, in the first month with the sign-up bonus, you might as well bet all the $15 on 0 as your first bet. The chances would be bigger in the second example though. 
   4. Learn how to lose. If you have too much of a winning streak you will be "hunted down". Designate a day in the week when you will lose a dollar or two. If you come to think of, it is not really your money yet, until you withdraw the money, it belongs to the casino. 

    So, now you have a rough idea of how money can be made in online casinos. 
    Please comment below if you have something to add to what I've said or you have other suggestions!