Pink Fire Pointer Casino Slots games.


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Casino Slots games.

       Hello again! If you find yourselves playing casino slots on an online casino, on real money, quit! Just log out and quit the casino!
Slots is one of the best things that the casinos have invented (for them). There is absolutely nothing that you can do to influence the winnings. You just watch how you account is drain of the precious mana, that is your money. I really hate watching how my account is depleted of the money I've worked for. How about you? You can't win at this game, you can't even "play" it, because you have nothing to do but just watch, so why do people create account on casinos, just for slots? It is because of the promise of the huge jackpots? Or is it because they have to much money, and they have no idea on how to spend it? Or maybe because someone told them that it's a great game of earning revenue, and they believed? I don't know, but any realistic person will only play this game for fun, in "fun mode", not in "real money" mode. Casino slots always remind me of a priest in my country that every sunday, after finishing his job at the church, he always stopped on his way home at a local bar to play at the slots machine. Another purpose you can use casino slots is to diminish the attention the casinos start giving you after winning over and over at other games, just because it is such an easy way of losing just the amount of money you want, to drop of their "all-seeing radar". But yet again, you may say: " Why would I want to lose my money, on purpose? The money I had so hardly worked for?" Because, first on, this is not your money, I mean not all of it. It is the casinos money, and as I said it before, they don't like to lose at their own game, so they will make you lose, if you don't want to! And you will lose as much as they want. So it is better to give back some of the money you've "sweat" for and, in this case, slots is the most convenient way of doing that!